About Swimming Level


Swimming Level exists to make you faster by helping you to understand how fast you are compared to other swimmers and recommending the right splits for training.

Our standards apply to different ages so that you get a fairer comparison of your performance. By understanding your performance, you can adjust your distance and speed goals.

In future we are planning to set standards based on what people put into the calculator. This will allow us to provide standards that do not exist anywhere else on the web. We will carefully judge each swim and swimmer to see if we should include that swim when calculating the standards.

We have based the initial standards based on well known formulas and data sources available freely online.


Swimming Level was founded in 2020 by Michael Clark based on Strength Level that was founded back in 2007 and has now been used millions of times.


Michael Clark is the founder and developer on Swimming Level. He has a masters degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University and many years of professional development experience. You can get in touch with him via the Strength Level Facebook page.